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Casing Swab Cups

Type ‘GW’ Casing Swab Cup

Because type ‘GW’ is molded from highly abrasion-resistant rubber, with a stout flexible lip, this cup is recommended for lifting light loads. The ‘GW’ was designed for positive seal in rough or mixed casing strings. Use of the ‘GW’ is recommended for total removal of all fluid above the cup.


Type ‘JS’ Casing Swab Cup

The ‘JS’ is a heavy-duty cup similar to the Type ‘J’ cup but with added flexibility to provide a seal when lifting lighter loads.

Type ‘J’ Casing Swab Cup

The ‘J’ Casing Swab Cup is a heavy-duty cup, designed for lifting maximum loads from any depth. Its flexible lip provides a perfect up-stroke seal and automatically compensates for wear. This is the most dependable and durable heavy-load cup available.



Type ‘V’ Casing Swab Cup

The type ‘V’ was specially designed to lift fluid containing a high ratio of suspended sand. It is also suitable for lifting ordinary light loads with minimum suction across the sand face. The number of cups used may be varied by operator to fit conditions.


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