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Type JU and JU-H High Pressure Tubing Stripper

This rugged stripper cleans oil and other materials from tubing as it is being pulled and prevents escape of oil or gas while running or pulling tubing under pressure. The stripper employs a heavy duty rubber that can be changed without removing the stripper from the wellhead. The unique, accordion-style design of this rubber allows easy passage of tubing couplings without leakage. The flexible, tight-gripping rubber works equally well on round, square, or hexagonal shapes. The major components are fabricated of tough cast steel for long, trouble-free service.

The housing of the Type JU stripper is a single casting, with a flanged bottom connection for easy attachment of API flanges. Six 1-1/8 in. stud bolts transmit tubing load from the packing gland to the housing. These bolts also provide the means for adjusting the packing rubber, allowing three inches of travel for adjustment and take-up of wear. The rubber may also be adjusted easily by backing off the stud nuts and setting tubing weight on top of the stripper. The flat top provides a suitable base for any Guiberson tubing spider. The Type JU-H features a hydraulic actuator which allows the stripper rubber to be compressed quickly and safely without stopping operations or going near the wellhead.

Also available is the Type H actuator kit for installation on any Type
JU stripper for full hydraulic operation.







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